Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School is a two-form entry school. There are two nursery classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


Our Next Open Mornings for Reception class:

Thursday 19th October

Friday 10th November

 9.30am to 11.00am.



As a voluntary aided school the Governors have their own admission policy which comes into force if there are more applicants than places. If an applicant does not receive the offer of a place at the school there is a right of appeal to the independent appeal panel.

Our admissions policy for entry from September 2014 has now been approved and can be found below. 

Admissions Policy from September 2014

A Foundation Reference Form can be obtained from the school office. 

For Reception and Nursery admissions, if you have registered your child with the school you will receive a foundation form in the post in late September of the year that you are making your application for Reception class and in January of the year that you are making your application to the Nursery.

The following updated admissions policy will be implemented for admissions from September 2017:

Admissions Policy from September 2017

Admissions Policy from September 2018



The school will make decisions on the basis of the circumstances of each case and in the best interests of the child concerned. This will include taking account of the parents' views; information about the child’s academic, social and emotional development; where relevant, their medical history and the views of a medical professional; whether they have previously been educated out of their normal age group; and whether they may naturally have fallen into a lower age group if it were not for being born prematurely.

When informing a parent of the outcome, we will set out clearly the reasons for their decision.

Where the school agrees to a parent’s request for their child to be admitted out of their normal age group, the child will be admitted to a relevant age group (i.e. the age group to which pupils are normally admitted to the school). The local authority and admission authority will process the application as part of the main admissions round, unless the parental request is made too late for this to be possible, and on the basis of our determined admission arrangements only, including the application of over-subscription criteria where applicable. We will not give the application lower priority on the basis that the child is being admitted out of their normal age group. Parents have a statutory right to appeal against the refusal of a place at a school for which they have applied.



Schools Admission Appeals Code