There will be lots of sports opportunities throughout the year. Please ensure that you come to the inter-house matches to try out for the teams!

Sporting Fun!

 Here you will find up-to-date information about all of the sporting events taking place at Holy Trinity throughout the school year 2017/2018. 

Intra-House Competitions at Holy Trinity:


Tuesday 26th-

3 and 4 Tag Rugby Interhouse: 3:40-4:30

The Year 3 and 4s had to learn the new rules for tag rugby, however, they did a great job. Due to numbers, we only played one match which ended 3-1 to the red team. Well done to all who played.


Wednesday 4th -

Netball v St Mary’s 3:30-4:30 Cancelled


Tuesday 14th-

5 and 6 Football Interhouse: 3:40-4:30


Tuesday 23rd-

3 and 4 Interhouse Football: 3:40-4:30

Tuesday 30th-

5 and 6 Tag Rugby Interhouse: 3:40-4:30


Tuesday 27th-

3 and 4 Interhouse football: 3:40-4:30


Tuesday 1st-

3 and 4 Interhouse Cricket: 3:40-4:30

Tuesday 8th-

5 and 6 Interhouse Girl Cricket: 3:40-4:30

Tuesday 22nd-

5 and 6 Basketball Interhouse


Tuesday 5th-

Dodgeball/Benchball KS2 Team Training 3:40-4:30

Monday 11th- 3 and 4 Sports Day

Tuesday 12th- 5 and 6 Sports Day

Wednesday 13th- Reception Sports Day

Thursday 14th- KS1 Sports Day

Friday 15th- Nursery Sports Day

Tuesday 19th-

5 and 6 Interhouse Rounders: 3:40-4:30


The Importance of Swimming

At Holy Trinity the children undertake a swimming programme for 1 term in Year 2 and 2 terms in Year 3. We believe that learning how to swim is incredibly important, not only as a source of physical activity but, moreover, swimming is a skill- one that is potentially life saving. We aim for our children to leave school in Year 6 with the ability to swim at least 25metres recommended by the Government. We hope that if you are able to, you will support your child with their development in swimming. The reasons below will demonstrate further it's importance:

1. Swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning.

Swimming is an essential life skill and you want to be confident that your child has mastered it.

2. Swimming builds whole body strength.

A swimming workout is a great total body workout, strengthening everything from the core to the legs to the arms. In swimming, a whole lot of muscles are working together as the children are pushing, pulling and kicking their way through the water.

3. Swimming helps children do better in school.

Swimming has been scientifically linked to a better academic performance. Studies have found that children who swam during their developmental years achieved several physical and mental milestones faster than their non-swimming counterparts. Researchers found that the type of instruction and sensory learning that children are exposed to early on in swimming lessons translates almost seamlessly into the type of learning they’ll do in the classroom.

4. Children who swim get the benefits of participating in an individual AND team sport.

This is one aspect of swimming that really makes it unique. Swimmers compete individually AND as a team to develop the skills needed to excel in a team environment.


5. Swimming is something they can do at any age!

Swimming is for everyone, both young and old. This activity is something that lasts a lifetime -- and you can always improve at it! Expose your child to swimming now and they will have a recreational, aerobic activity that they can continue to enjoy throughout the rest of their lives!

Inter-School Competitions across Wimbledon:

(More events will be added to this list throughout the year as more fixtures are arranged)


Thursday 12th-

3 and 4 Tag Rugby Cluster Competition @ Wimbledon Chase 

*Rescheduled to Thursday 9th November

Thursday 12th-

5/6 Borough Netball Competition @ Rickards Lodge

Despite being a player down, the girls and boys put on a good show with fantastic spirit this year. They lost two matches against Wimbledon Chase and Garfield and drew 3 with Bishop Gilpin, St Mary's and Wimbledon Park. Holy Trinity finished 5th out of 14. Well done to  Pablo, Charlotte, Amelie, Eloise, Carly and Emma for your enthusiasm.

Friday 20th-

5/6 9 aside League vs Wimbledon Park @ Durnsford Recreation Ground

The 9 aside team put on a fantastic display of skill as our 9 aside league kicked off this year, with the first game against WImbledon Park. Holy Trinity won 4-2 with 2 outstanding goals from Riley and 2 from Jayden. Well done to the team: William, Zaid, Riley, Flynn,Jayden Hudson-Odoi, Billy, Thomas , Yanis ,Chadi ‚Äč,Lauren and Emilio. Bring on the next match in the Spring term!


Wednesday 8th-


Holy Trinity did themselves very proud in a friendly against St Mary's this week. Every team player was enthusiastic, supportive and charming; they all played their absolute best so although a few more goals might have been nice they made their supporters very proud. We may have scored a lot less goals but the HT cheers were the loudest! All players showed excellent sportsmanship and shook hands with their opponents at the end.

Fulham FC Kids Cup-

Holy Trinity started out on the road to Wembley on a cold Wednesday morning this week. Originally 6 schools were selected by Fulham FC to challenge for the Merton Schools cup. With 2 schools unable to field a full strength side, HT, 2 Wimbledon Chase teams and arch rivals Dondonald were competing for the coveted title of Merton Schools Champions.

Fulham are one of 72 clubs nationwide who select a club to progress to Regional and National stages of the cup culminating in a final before a high profile game at Wembley in April or May next year.

The day started well with 2 wins against Wimbledon Chase A & B and a scrappy 1 nil loss against Dondonald. Round 2 was nerve jangling with losses against Wimbledon Chase A and a strong well organised Dondonald team. 

During the skills break, HT won the cross bar and keep up challenges. It helped the boys refocus ahead of the semi and final showdowns.

The semi-final saw HT looking to overturn a confident Wimbledon Chase A. 2 early strikes settled the nerves and the boys delivered a 5-2 win to take us, with a spring in our step, to a final with Dondonald.

HT and Dondonald put in a gritty and determined display, both teams defending amazingly and attacking with flair, hitting the bar a few times in an effort to break the deadlock. At the end of 10 mins it was still a stalemate and penalties it was. Riley, Flynn and Jayden all converted their spot kicks and were backed up by an amazing performance in goal by Zaid who saved 3 of the Dondonald spot kicks. We were champions!

Holy Trinity now represent the Merton borough at the Area stage against 9 other borough winners in January.

All the boys were amazing; well done to William, Thomas, Chadi and Yannis also.

Thursday 9th-

3/4 Tag Rugby Festival

No scores were recorded throughout the day and the aim was for the teams to have lots of fun. Holy Trinity played 5 matches in total against Bishop Gilpin, Dundonald, Wimbledon Park, The Priory and St Mary's. They didn't lose a match (they drew against Bishop Gilpin, their first match) and won the remainder.  They were helped/coached by a student from Rutlish.

They all played extremely well and scored some amazing tries, great passing, fabulous tagging and lots of running support.  They were also extremely supportive of each other even when players were questioning themselves.

The children had a fabulous tournament and also had to vote for an individual/team who had demonstrated positive sporting behaviour.  We voted for The Priory. Amazingly, and to top off an amazing performance, Holy Trinity were awarded the 'REFspect award' having been voted the team demonstrating positive sporting behaviour consistently.  Fantastic.  Well done to each and every one of them: Ellis, Harry, Henry, Anjardie, Pablo, Kian, Ohemaa, Ewan, and Toby.

Friday 10th-

KS2 Inclusive Sports

Thursday 16th-

5 and 6 Girls Football Borough Competition

Friday 17th-

5 and 6 Borough Hockey Competition

Thursday 23rd-

5 and 6 Cluster Football Competition @ Wimbledon Chase


Friday 19th-

5 and 6 Borough Sportshall Athletics


Tuesday 6th-

KS2 Borough Swimming Gala Heats

Thursday 8th-

3 and 4 Cluster Football Competition @ Wimbledon Chase

Thursday 22nd-

5 and 6 Tag Rugby Cluster Competition @ Wimbledon Chase


Friday 9th-

3 and 4 Cluster Football Competition @ Wimbledon Chase

Friday 23rd-

KS2 Challenge Run (3 and 4 am 5 and 6 pm)


Friday 20th-

5 and 6 Tennis


Friday 11th-

3 and 4 Tennis

Thursday 17th-

3 and 4 Cluster Cricket Competition @ Wimbledon Chase

Thursday 24th-

5 and 6 Borough Cricket Competition

Friday 25th-

5 and 6 Girls Borough Cricket Competition


Thursday 7th-

KS2 Dodgeball/Benchball Cluster Competition

Friday 15th-

5 and 6 Basketball Borough Competition

Thursday 21st-

5 and 6 Athletics Borough Competition

Friday 29th-

5 and 6 Rounders Borough Competition

Year 5 Leaders: