Year 1


Thank you

We have come to the end of a fantastic year in Year 1. Thank you so much to all parents and carers for your continued support and also to the children for their effort and hard work throughout the year. We will be very sad to see them go, but know that they will rise to the expectations of Year 2. We wish all of you a fabulous, relaxing summer holiday.

Miss Davies and Miss Dorey


Please continue to practice speed sounds set 1 and 2 with your child.  The reason we ask you to do this is so the children are familiar with all graphemes and phonemes.

At school, the children learn some new sounds each week but they need to be able to blend in order to spell.  Therefore, reviewing all sounds is important in order to support this. At the end of each week children are given a spelling test that incorporates words with newly taught sounds as well as reviewing sounds they have been previously taught.

By the end of Year 1, children should know all the speed sounds, and so even if they haven’t been taught the sound or GPC (Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence) at school, you can still support their learning by allowing them to see the grapheme and vocalise the phoneme.

Thank you for your continued support.

High Frequency words

We have now come to the end of the first 100 high frequency words. Please re-visit the words below with your child. Can they read them/write them/use them in a sentence? 

Week 1: the/to/and/a/ said

Week 2: he/in/I/of/it

Week 3: you/she/they/on/was

Week 4: but/his/is/at/for

Week 5:with/that/we/all/can

Week 6: her/my/are/had/up

Week 7: what/there/out/this/have

Week 8:  went/be/like/some/so

Week 9: not/then/were/go/little

Week 10: Mum/as/no/one/then

Week 11:do/me/down/dad/big

Week 12:when/it's/ see/looked/very

Week 13: look/don't/come/will/into

Week 14: back/from/children/him/Mr

Week 15: get/just/now/came/oh

Week 16:about/got/their/people/your

Week 17: put/could/house/old/too

Week 18: by/day/made/time/I'm

Week 19: if/help/Mrs/called/here

Week 20: off/asked/saw/make/an


Maths Homework


Have fun and explore!


In Year 1, our aim is to ensure that your child sight reads with confidence, enjoyment and understanding. Your child’s reading is assessed regularly to ensure that they are reading at an appropriate level to their ability. We have a Guided Reading session every day in class which will help the children to develop their comprehension skills and expression. Please do listen to your child read every night and encourage them to read other books and reading material other than in the school reading scheme. To begin with, we ask that the children in Foxes change their books on a Monday and take 3 books home to be returned the following Monday and in Moles; once a week according to their group name. Monday: Bees/Tuesday: Dragonflies/Wednesday: Snails/ Thursday: Caterpillars/ Friday: Ladybirds. Mrs Lyons and Mrs Mills will be in charge of monitoring and changing their books. Please communicate anything of note about your child’s reading in their 

We have also sent home the 3 sets of speed sounds and high frequency words for you to practice with your child. We will be having a spelling test every Friday based on the phonemes/graphemes your child has been learning in their phonic group as well as a few high frequency words.

If you have any concerns with homework tasks, please write a brief note on the back of your child’s homework to let us know. Although a chore at times, homework is an essential part of school life and we would really appreciate your support.









We are ready for Year 2!

 Swim Team Community Challenge- Donations by Monday 17th July

The children have been avidly watching the 'Swim Team Challenge'- Nick Carter, an adventurer, came in to school to talk about his mission to swim The Channel a few weeks ago and we have been following his progress.
He has set Year 1 a challenge of helping the community.
We came up with the idea of 'smile' boxes for poorly children in hospital. Therefore we need 5 boxes/shoe boxes donated and each child to bring in something that would make a poorly child smile. e.g. a toy/ a home made card/ game/stationary.
All donations must be given in by Monday 17th July as a representative from the Royal Marsden will be coming into school on this day to meet the children and collect the 'smile' boxes.
Thank you for your support. Please give generously.
Final Week

Tuesday 18th July-

Non-uniform day. Children are invited to come to school dressed in clothes from any era that we have learnt about this half term. We have covered the 1950s-Noughties.

Tuesday 18th July- 

Year 1 party. Children are welcome to bring in an extra snack and drink in a named plastic bag.

Wednesday 19th July-

Board games/toys. Children may bring in board games and toys from home. No battery powered toys please.

Wednesday 19th July-

All books sent home. Please provide your child with 2 carrier bags so that they can take their books home.

Wednesday 19th July-

All school reading books must be returned.

In addition, children are welcome to bring in any U rated films that they have.‚Äč

Summer Reading Challenge- Wimbledon Library

The theme of this year's reading challenge is 'Animal Agents' - the children have to solve a mystery in the library and eliminate suspects. They need to go to the library to get a collectors book. There are then six books which they need to read over the summer; for each book they are given a sticker to put into their collectors book. The stickers are scented.

There are a range of prizes to be won: swimming passes; games and puzzles, an owl experience at Deen City Farm, theatre tickets; an Ipad or a family ticket to Harry Potter World. These will all be allocated through a raffle.



We would like to remind parents of the importance of reading aloud, with an adult at home. Reading is a vital skill to master, which in turn, will improve children's writing. Please ensure that you are questioning the children about what they have read/how the characters in the book behave/feel and whether they can relate what they have read to their own experience.

Thank you for your support.


Please ensure that if you provide your child with a snack for breaktime or before an after school club, that it is healthy. We are a healthy school and wish to promote this at all times of the day. Snacks should be raw fruit and vegetables.

Number Formation Practice

It would be really beneficial for children to practise correct number notation at home. We have provided each child with a rhyme to support them with this. Please practice the rhyme and forming the numbers at home to support your child's progress. We thank you for your encouragement. Children will need to be able to count, read and write in words all numbers from 0-20.

Letter recognition

To support your child's reading and writing, you could practise the alphabet at home saying both the letter names and the phoneme (sound) that they make, both in and out of order.

Drop off and pick up times safety

Please can we remind you to say your goodbyes at the outside door before the children enter their classroom. At pick up time if your child has left something behind, please wait until all the children have left the room before sending your child back in. 

Simba, Narla and Mole

To encourage excellent behaviour, each week, a child who has shown excellent behaviour will have the privilege of taking home our class mascots. If you are given them for the weekend, we would love to know what they get up to with you. You could for example, take a picture/do a drawing/make a comic/write a diary, which we can then display. Please email Miss Davies/Miss Dorey your activity if you are in Foxes or, if possible,  prepare something at home for her to display. Enjoy being creative with them :-)  


Please ensure that your child comes to school in the correct school uniform at all times and that it is all clearly named.  (There are always mountains of lost property at the end of each term). No jewellery or nail varnish should be worn to school except for possibly a watch and/or stud earrings and it is important that long hair is tied back.


P.E. lessons will be on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons for both Foxes and Moles. The children are expected to keep their labelled P.E. kit (shorts, t-shirt in team colour and plimsolls) in school at all times.



Practise sounding out these phonemes. Can you think of any words that use them? Can you spot them when you are reading?