This Week:

 This week was Anti-bullying week. On Thursday we took part in a special workshop where the children put themselves into the position of bullies and victims and worked out how to help both parties.  We then created our own Anti-bullying paper chains to hang up and remind us how to help. 

In English, we have continued to read Varjak Paw. In the story, Varjak has made it to the City.  We have been using Haiku poetry to describe how he feels when he is dreaming of Mesopotamia in contrast to the City.
In Maths this week we have continued to learn about multiplication and have started using the "Bar Model" to help us. 
In Art, we  drew our Teachers to put on the website instead of their pictures.


Please complete the worksheet on apostrophes for contraction and possession.
This week we have been using the bar model to help us find fractions of number. Use the Bar Model to help you solve the problems on your worksheets.

We expect the children to read every day and for them to write 3 entries per week including the book title, page and date read. Please sign after they have done so. 

Please remember that the children visit the library each Thursday. Our timetable is jam-packed and so please ensure that your child has their reading record and books on Thursday to change as there may not be another opportunity throughout the week.

Children will be able to take quizzes daily except for Wednesday when we are swimming.

Touch Typing

Teaching children to touch type is a great skill to have early on that will save a tremendous amount of time later. It’s great for hand-eye coordination, letter recognition, spelling,  and it’s an effective way to share their thoughts and ideas. Seven is a good age to start and it can be great fun to learn. Dance Mat typing is free and offered by the BBC. Click on this link.


Times Tables

Keep practising your times tables and see if you can complete the grid.


Challenge: What is the best time you can complete the times table grid in? 


Can you complete a mixed up times table grid in less than 5 minutes?

 A good practice game: 




A good general website: 


Some fun brain-building activities: 








It has been noted that there are a number of unhealthy treats finding their way into lunchboxes. If you wish to provide your child with a snack, please ensure that it is fruit or vegetable based as we are a healthy school and would like to promote this.

Pencil Cases:

Please ensure that your child has a pencil case in school everyday. A letter went out before the summer holidays about contents, if you need anymore details please contact your child's class teacher.


Don't forget: Check your child's book bag for any letters.


As the cold and flu season approaches any donations will be very gratefully received. Thank you for your support.


Please do not allow your child to bring toys into school as they are a distraction in class and are not allowed on the playground. Also many have gone missing or been broken.

Additional optional spellings to practice at home. Please click on the link:

First 100 High Frequency words

Next 200 High Frequency Words

Year 3 Spelling List


Topic Vocabulary

coronation monarch duty
reign broadcast carriage
soldier British procession

Adding the suffix 'ment'

Which words can you add the suffix 'ment' to. e.g. enjoy -> enjoyment


The ir sound spelt or after w

worm world work
worth worse password
workshop workers


Words ending in -al

royal gradual medical
tropical formal comical
magical plural vocal
capital animal crystal
signal festival sandal


Can you add the suffix -s and -ly?


Words ending in -el

parcel label vowel
angel tunnel camel
jewel snorkel cancel
level towel squirrel
tinsel travel trowel



seen and scene

sighed and side

wait and weight

hole and whole

new and knew


Words ending in -le

simple apple angle
middle battle triangle
giggle wiggle rectangle
puzzle little cuddle
kettle purple handle


Can you add the suffix -ing, -s and -ed?


Words with the suffix -ness

lateness weakness quietness
madness darkness softness
illness goodness stillness
bitterness sadness kindness
plainness fitness coldness
dizziness jolliness silliness
bossiness sloppiness ugliness
cheekiness giddiness chattiness
sleepiness spiciness stickiness



The ee sound spelt ey


monkey key valley
chimney trolley jockey
money barley kidney
donkey turkey volley
alley honey hockey

Can you add the suffix -s?


Adding the suffix -ness

We can make a noun by adding this suffix.

goodness softness stillness
sadness illness quietness
bitterness madness darkness
foolishness fitness coldness
kindness plainness hardness

Words ending in -il


fossil nostril evil
stencil council peril

Where the s sound makes a zh sound


usual television revision
measure treasure


Can you add any more?

Can you use these words in context?