Year 5

Welcome to Year 5! 


6th September: Back to school
13th September: Meet the Teacher

13th October: HOTS Spooky Disco

17th + 19th October: Parent Consultations

23rd October Half Term



Reading Records

We expect all of you to be updating your reading records with at least 3 entries every week. This should include:


-Title of book

-Page numbers read

-A detailed comment about what you have read eg What did you enjoy most? What type of story was it? Which character was your favorite and why? Is it similar to any other stories you've read? 

Please make sure you bring your reading book and reading record to school every day and an adult signs it after each entry.

As part of our English lessons, we are continuing to practise strategies that aid us when spelling unfamiliar words. This week, we have been looking at words that contain double consonants and have been exploring possible rules to help us spell such words.

Some examples may include:











As well as practising the spelling of the above words, for your homework please complete the double consonant crossword provided.






Please try to provide your child with a healthy snack for break time and a pencil case with the required equipment.

Please ensure children always have a water-proof jacket in school as the weather can be very unpredictable.


PE Kits:

Please remind your children that if they go to an after-school club that requires them to wear their P.E kit, that it is returned to school the following day.

 If, for any reason, your child is unable to take part in P.E, please inform the class teacher directly, send an email or write a note. Otherwise, they will be expected to take part.

 PE lessons will take place on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure you bring in your PE kits.




This week in Maths we have been comparing place value of numbers up to 100,000. 

Please complete the Maths mat provided and log onto to complete the assigned tasks.


We are really enjoying our novel, ‘Stormbreaker.’ This week, we have been describing settings from the book, using adverbial phrases to create cohesion between our paragraphs.

For your English homework this week, please complete the SPAG mat provided.