What have we achieved this week?

Our first full week in Year 6 has been jam-packed with new learning and developing as role models for the rest of the school!

We are now well into our class novel 'Treason' and we explored all the complex emotions William and Margery are feeling as everything changes for their family. Our trip to Hampton Court next week will further help us to imagine what life was like for William.

In science we had lots of fun acting out the circulatory system; we became blood cells travelling into the heart and out to the lungs to become oxygenated before returning back to the heart. Test us and see if we can remember the names of the four chambers of the heart!

We have been working with very large numbers in maths, revising how to round and compare numbers into the billions! We have solved lots of place value riddles and even written our own.




For homework, you have been given a SPAG activity mat with questions from different areas of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Please try and complete this on your own as it is a great way for us to know areas you are finding trickier. Any problems please come and ask your teacher.


Maths 15-09-17

This week you have been given a 'maths mat' with questions from different areas of maths. Please try and complete this on your own as it is a great way for us to know areas you are finding trickier. Any problems please come and ask your teacher.

Some of you may also have an additional activity to complete - 'place value challenges' or 'practising find the middle value' which we have looked at this week. Again any problems please come and ask your teacher.


Talk Homework

This Talk Homework will help prepare you for your writing week and needs to be completed by Monday. In role (as William from our book Treason), describe your experience of watching a bear bait. You could try and include the following information:

  • What does a bear bait involve?
  • How did William feel at the start of the bait?
  • How did his feelings change and why?
  • Describe the scene: what did he see, smell, hear?

You may like to write notes about the words/phrases that you used during the conversation (especially powerful verbs) which you can then use in your writing.

Reasons to Celebrate:


Well done on the delivery of your speeches for the Year 6 roles - you were all confident and clear!


Request: Do you have any unwanted copies of Holes by Louis Sachar? If you do, could you please send them into 6T for us to use in guided reading.


6H Timetable

6T Timetable


Meet the Teacher PPT

The Daily Mile

It is now a requirement for children to have an extra 20 minutes of exercise a day in addition to playtimes and PE. Therefore, the whole school will be engaging in the The Daily Mile.

The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age or personal circumstances.

It is a profoundly simple but effective concept. It’s impact can be transformational – improving not only the children’s fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing.

Research has shown that The Daily Mile can even increase attainment in primary school, and parents have reported an increased interest in health and wellbeing from their children after they have started The Daily Mile.

Please read here for more details. 

 Please ensure children always have a water-proof jacket in school as the weather can be very unpredictable.


PE Kits:

Please remind your children that if they go to an after-school club that requires them to wear their P.E kit, that it is returned to school the following day.

 If, for any reason, your child is unable to take part in P.E, please inform the class teacher directly, send an email or write a note. Otherwise, they will be expected to take part.


PE lessons will take place on a Monday and Friday. Please make sure you bring in your PE kits. While it is still warm, please keep a deodorant in your bag.

Homework diaries Your homework diaries include your new reading records. You are the only year group in the school to be using these special diaries and we hope you find them useful. Diaries will need to be handed in on a  Thursday morning.

In terms of reading, we would like you to read every evening. However, you only need to make three or four entries in your diary. Please make sure that each entry is signed by someone at home.



6th Sept Back to school
12 Sept Meet the Teacher
20th Sept Hampton Court Palace

13th Oct HOTS Spooky Disco

17th Oct + 19th Oct Parent Consultations

New Spellings: 

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