Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


This Week:   Monday 18th June 2018
What a week!! The children did a great job at sports day this Friday.. They worked very hard and were good sports. Our topic this half term is Animals and this week we will be looking at wild animals. Our main book of the week is "Dear Zoo'' by Rod Campbell. We will be looking at animals from around the world, in particular elephants and lions!  We will be making some Elma the elephant inspired biscuits and creating some animal masks. In phonics we will be starting with a new sound 'u'; 'Down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle'.  We are following the Read Write Inc scheme if you wanted to have a look online! 
In Maths we will still be looking at size and using mathematical language to explain how big/small objects are. We will also think about our height and comparing this to our peers and animals using mathematical language to describe.  
We will also be learning about the story of Noah's Ark. The children will be thinking about how we can look after animals and why this is important. 
Home Thinking:
Reading books with your children is hugely beneficial and will support their language and understanding.. Discussing the book and asking your children questions about the characters or plot will help support your child's understanding further. The children are doing really well with their phonics at the moment, but to further develop their understanding you could spot things out on the road that begin with our letter of the week or get your child to cut things out of magazines that have that initial sound (also helps to build their fine motor skills!). 
If you could continue to practice counting with your children that would be great, as it will help to secure their knowledge of numbers (particularly up to 10). You could also help your child to recognize numbers (0-5). This could be done when walking down the road (door numbers/license plates/bus numbers) to make it more fun and give meaning to why we learn numbers. 
Happy 4th Birthday to James! (Sunday 24th)
It is the annual summer fair on Saturday at the school so please come and join the fun!
Tuesday the 17th of July will be our final day at Nursery.. We will be finishing at normal time and most likely have our class party on this day! (each class separately). 
Reading books are changed every Thursday so please ensure your child comes to school with it inside their bags. It is easier for us to ensure which book is which if it is kept in their bag. We are struggling to keep tabs on which child has which book as they are coming in on different days so we are only changing them on Thursday. If your child was sick or for some reason missed bringing their book in on this day then we ask you to please wait until the following Thursday for us to change it. 
Please can you make sure that all clothes etc are named! And that you have a spare set of clothes in the bookbags every day. 
Please can you either email Nursery or tell us at drop off if your child is being picked up by someone different than usual. Thank you!