Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


This Week:   Monday 23rd April 2018
It has been a wonderful week back.. The children have loved sharing their holiday books with their friends and learning about our new topic (continents). I have been very impressed with their knowledge on countries/maps and cannot wait for us to explore more! Our topic this week is Asia and our main book is "Elephant Dance. A journey to India" by Theresa Heine. We will be looking at the many different countries and cultures that you find within Asia and creating various art pieces/flags that are often found in this area of the world. In phonics we will be learning our new sound 'n'; "Down Nobby and over his net". We are following the Read Write Inc scheme if you wanted to have a look online! 
As we will be looking at lots of different cultures this half term we have decided to try food tasting each Friday. We would love it if you could bring something from your home country in to share with the children. Unfortunately due to dietary requirements we cannot allow nuts or dairy (and it would be easier to have vegetarian as some children are not able to eat certain meats/fish). 
Week 1: Europe
Week 2: Asia
Week 3:North & South America
Week 4: Australasia 
Week 5: Africa
Week 6: Antarctica 
In Maths we will be focusing on number and working on our counting and some simple addition.
Home Thinking:
Reading books with your children is hugely beneficial and will support their language and understanding.. Discussing the book and asking your children questions about the characters or plot will help support your child's understanding further.  
If you could continue to practice counting with your children that would be great, as it will help to secure their knowledge of numbers (particularly up to 10). You could also help your child to recognize numbers (0-5). This could be done when walking down the road (door numbers/license plates/bus numbers) to make it more fun and give meaning to why we learn numbers. 
A huge thank you to parents who brought in some food on Friday.. The children absolutely loved it! We are really looking forward to having them try lots of different foods over the next few weeks. 
Please bring in your holiday books when you can! 
Reading books are changed every Thursday so please ensure your child comes to school with it inside their bags. It is easier for us to ensure which book is which if it is kept in their bag. We are struggling to keep tabs on which child has which book as they are coming in on different days so we are only changing them on Thursday. If your child was sick or for some reason missed bringing their book in on this day then we ask you to please wait until the following Thursday for us to change it. 
Please can you make sure that all clothes etc are named! And that you have a spare set of clothes in the bookbags every day. 
Please can you either email Nursery or tell us at drop off if your child is being picked up by someone different than usual. Thank you!