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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


What Have We Achieved This Week:

Prison Break!

In our topic this half term we will be exploring the history of South Africa. Our focus will mostly be on the Apartheid era and the face of the movement that ended it, Nelson Mandela. We will also be exploring the themes of that specific time period in our Power of Reading novel- Journey to Jo'burg. 



This week we have continued exploring our topic book 'Journey to Jo'burg' by Beverley Naidoo, which is set in South Africa and incorporates the theme of apartheid.  This week we have been thinking about how a character's thoughts, emotions and  motives influence their actions. We have responded to questions in character and have worked on the technique of 'Show not tell' when describing emotions. Additionally, we have also investigated the features of a diary entry in preparation for our big write next week. 



There will be an added focus on reading and spelling this term.  Five words from the Year 4 spelling list will be displayed in the classroom each week and the children will be encouraged to use these words in their work.  This will be alongside teaching rules such as ture/sure.



This week we continue our topic of multiplication and division. Our focus has been on division. We have looked at the difference of sharing and grouping as well as practiced visually showing the exchange to divide further. We also recapped and extended our knowledge on the bus stop method by problem solving. 

Homework due in on the 24th January 2018 


English Homework:

This week you need to look up and write the definitions for words from our Year 4 Spelling list. Then, use each word in a sentence.









BBC 500 Words Competition!

This is the seventh year of this competition and it has begun to take on legendary status!  The idea is quite simple: write an original story on any theme or subject in 500 words or less and submit it online.  In the past the lucky winners have had their stories read live on the radio by a whole host of celebrities and even royalty!

Hurry though as the closing date is Thursday 22nd February at 7pm.  See the website for more details.


Please hand these entries into your class teacher on a separate piece of paper. 


This homework will be over 2 week(this week and next week). Please use this week to come up with a good idea and write your first draft. Next week, you can then edit and up-level your work. 


Talk Homework:

For your Big Write next week, you will be writing a diary entry as Naledi. Please talk to a friend/family member about the events that occurred on the day the children arrived in Jo'Burg and how Naledi's emotions changed throughout the course of the day. 


Maths Homework:

This week your Maths homework is to complete the differentiated sheet on the bus stop method for division. The first one has been done for you. Additionally, please continue to practise your times tables using the Timestable Rockstars programme online.

Challenge: Can you write and solve your own division word problem?





We warmly welcome Mrs Lea Stone to 4T.  Mrs Stone is in the last year of her teaching degree and will be with us until Easter.


Playtime Snacks

If you wish to provide your child with a snack, please ensure that it is a fruit or vegetable as we are a healthy school and would like to promote this.



We will have P.E. lessons on a Monday and either a Thursday(4H) or Friday(4T) so please make sure you have the correct clothing (labelled) in school on these days.

 Please can you make sure your child has a fully labelled PE kit including: socks, PE jumper and well-fitted plimsolls. Please speak to the teacher if you have any issues with this. PE kits should be in line with the school's policy and therefore no football kits are allowed to be worn during PE lessons. 


Reading records

Please keep your Reading Records up to date. You need to make a note of the book and pages that you have read and get this counter-signed by an adult at least three times a week. We will be checking the diaries every Monday and we would like to see 4 or 5 entries per week. Children can of course read their own books from home, as well as school library books.  

Date, book and the page you read to                                  Comments
13/10    The White Giraffe      Pg 1-10

 Comment(Parent or child)and signature of parent.


The Daily Mile

It is now a requirement for children to have an extra 20 minutes of exercise a day in addition to playtimes and PE. Therefore, the whole school will be engaging in the The Daily Mile. Year 4 will be doing this straight after lunch.

The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age or personal circumstances.

For more information, please see the link below:

Please see http://thedailymile.co.uk/ for more details.