Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


Written and edited by the Eco- Warriors of Holy Trinity School:
Last term,we carried out a waste audit to control the amount of waste our school is producing.We found that we have a bit of trouble knowing where to put items that you want to bin. For example,we found a lot of one sided paper in the wrong bin, instead of being reused.We also found that teachers really need a food bin (for their mouldy baked bean tins that should have been washed out).Many pens had dried up and were thrown away, mainly as their lids were lost.
 Some of our conclusions were that posters should be put up to remind us which things are recyclable and which things are not.We found our school needs a reminder of where to dispose of items. We also decided that we should have an assembly discussing our recycling habits.During the assembly, we will launch a competition of which further details will be released later on in the half term.Image result for what can be recycled


As eco- warriors, we are passionate about recycling and, because of that,below you can find a table describing recyclables and non- recyclables
Currently, we have two competitions to enter and possibly win! As well as a batteries competition, we are asking you to design a poster advertising where items can be disposed of for attachment to recycling bins in classes. If you win, your poster will go on every bin-even the staffroom bin! Two runners-up will have their poster displayed around the school to a maximum of 3 copies each. You must enter independently,with the exception of asking adults to write important information (asking adults to do this is optional). One entry per child, drawn on an A4 sheet of paper with your name and class can be handed to Miss Quinn,eco- warriors or your class teacher if you can't find one of us.The deadline is 15th March