Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


Written and edited by the Eco- Warriors of Holy Trinity School:
Recently, the eco warriors have been very busy with many different competitions and numerous jobs to do. Last term we launched two competitions: the big battery hunt and the exciting poster competition, which you have not failed to impress us with. It was extremely hard to choose a winner for the posters- so hard that we actually didn't- we chose two! We were blown away by how many batteries you collected and will tell the school the winners later on this half term.


This year, the word on everyone's lips has been climate change.This is where the world slowly heats up and destroys animals habitat. It is very important to do all that you can to stop it.First News, the only national children's weekly newspaper, has some ways to help in their wonderful world pledge:

Avoid single use plastics- like straws and carrier bags 

• Reduce, re-use and recycle- put things in the correct bin, use both sides of paper and buy less of something

• Switch off lights and electrical devices, like TVs, when leaving the room

• Try not to waste food and throw less of it away- if someone cooks a big vat of pasta but only serves half of it, put it in the fridge or freezer, not the bin

• Use a washing line instead of a tumble dryer

• Buy more seasonal food - don't buy pears out of season as they will be flown in.

• Insulate homes- to save heating

• Switch your family car to an electric one as soon as you can and walk or cycle short distances

• Encourage adults to use videoconferencing instead of business travel-instead of them fling to

America to meet a colleague, tell them to use Skype 

• Eat less meat, milk, cheese and butter- so less roast and cauliflower cheese

• Demand low carbon in every consumer product

• Take trains and buses instead of planes

Watch this section for the details on our exciting Asda competition!