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Written and edited by the Eco- Warriors of Holy Trinity School:
Watch out for our exciting eco- warrior's article in Time and Leisure Junior or see below for a link.
 It is important to remember that reusable water bottles are always better than single use ones. Here are a few water bottles that could save many non reusable ones:
Eco- update
Welcome to eco- update, the part of our page for our school's eco-warriors to see new provisional dates:
 Spring term 2020- waste and compost
Monday 16th March 2020- eco warrior meeting
 Summer term 2020- Garden restoration.
If you find any competitions for us, please tell Miss Quinn
Eco warriors- meeting minutes for 31/1/20 below:




...and they're back!The eco- warriors have launched an exciting new voluntary competition, Be part of the solution not the pollution,all about cleaning the air we breathe and preventing pollution from cars so that we can build a better environment to live in.Your eco- warriors will hand out information sheets to you and your class but you can also access all that you need to know below:
Your challenge: to draw an eye catching, attractive and persuasive poster to encourage parents/ local residents to switch off their car engine when stationary. It should be a colourful, catchy and creatively made poster on an A4 sheet of paper. Entries must follow a few criteria:they must be original, 2D, made by just one school member with no additional help and have your name and class on the back/attached. Once you have finished, you must hand your poster to an eco- warrior or Miss Quinn on or before lunchtime on Friday 27th March 2020.