Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


This Week:   Monday 15th October
The children have had a really good week. They enjoyed talking about who was in their family and where they live. Their houses are looking lovely and bright on our Nursery walls! The children showed good understanding of why and what makes us feel differently when discussing emotions and how we can try and resolve this if needed. Next week is our last week before half term and therefore we will be finishing our topic of 'All About Me'. We will be reading the book 'My Five Senses' by Aliki Brandenberg and discussing our bodies/senses and what we use them for. The children will be creating healthy faces using a variety of vegetables on rice crackers and we will discuss tastes/smells during this activity before they take them home!
We will also be continuing our topic of seasons and how we might notice this in the outside environment. The children will be continuing to explore some of the natural materials we find during Autumn and we will be using these to discuss how they feel/look.
Children will be having their individual photographs taken this Thursday within normal school times. 
Home Thinking:
Our topic this half term is 'All About Me' we will be asking the children about themselves and their families. Having these conversations at home will help them to discuss more with us at school and understand what we are learning. 
We are also discussing our emotions and what these mean. When reading books with your children try and discuss how the characters feel -  What has made them happy/sad/angry? What can they do to make themselves better? 
Happy belated 4th birthday to Annabel and Saraneya! 
Happy 4th Birthday Zachariah! (Monday 15th)
Please remind your children to come and talk to us if they hurt themselves - we have had a few children have bumps during school time. They do not always come to tell us/do not get upset and therefore it is difficult to know what happened so encouraging them to come to us will help resolve issues and ensure they are ok.
Please make sure all clothes are labelled and there are spare clothes/plastic bag in their bags for any accidents. 
Please email me if you have any questions.