Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


This Week:   Monday 10th December 
The children have had a really good week.. The children loved making their shape biscuits and creating lots of designs using shapes throughout the week. The next two weeks will be very Christmassy as we have our Nativity and Christmas is getting so close! Our main book this week is 'Laura's Star' by Klaus Baumgart however we will also be reading lots of Christmas books throughout the week. Our Nativity is on Friday the 14th.. 10:30 for AM and 2:30 for PM Nursery. We intend on starting the performances at these times so please come 5 minutes earlier to get settled. We will be continuing to learn about the Christmas story and the children will be sequencing some of the events that happen and sticking them down in zig zag books. The children will also be drawing who they are in the Nativity which you will get a chance to see when you come and watch!
We will be going over numbers 1-10 this week.. The children will have various christmas related activities to practice number recognition and some 1:1 correspondence. 
Home Thinking:
Practicing shape and number recognition will be really helpful.. There are lots of exciting Christmassy things around that you can use to count or write numbers/shapes on to help your children. How many baubles on the tree? What shapes are the presents under the tree? 
You may have noticed that there is a reading book in your child's bag - this is for you to read over the week! Please make sure the book is back in the bag every Thursday so your child can swap it for a new one. 
Happy 4th Birthday Ayra! (10th)
Thank you to everyone who has brought in your child's clothes for the Nativity. As it is on Friday please bring in your child's under clothes for the play on Monday as we will be trying on costumes. 
Our Christmas Nativity is on Friday the 14th at 10:30 for morning Nursery and 2:30 for afternoon Nursery. Children do not need their school bags on this day. 
Reading books are changed every Thursday so please have them in your child's bag so that they can pick a new one. If you were unable to bring the book in on this day please can you wait until the following week as we often end up losing track of which book is which etc. 
Please remind your children to come and talk to us if they hurt themselves - we have had a few children have bumps during school time. They do not always come to tell us/do not get upset and therefore it is difficult to know what happened so encouraging them to come to us will help resolve issues and ensure they are ok.
Please make sure all clothes are labelled and there are spare clothes/plastic bag in their bags for any accidents.