Holy Trinity CofE Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


This Week:   Monday 20th January 
Another great week for Ladybirds and Butterflies! The children really enjoyed singing our Nursery rhyme and learning all about different sea life. The Rainbow Fish book was a hit so hopefully your child will be able to explain what happens in the story.. and how we can share with our friends. We are continuing with our topic of Nursery Rhymes and this week we will be doing 'Humpty Dumpty'. Our main book of the week is 'Little Lumpty by Miko Imai' so we will be having lots of discussions on resilience and how we can support ourselves and others to keep trying. We will also be carrying out an egg experiment and I will be encouraging the children to hypothesize what will happen to the eggs when they hit the floor with various items around it. We have also started phonics! We follow the Read Write Inc scheme and this week we learnt the sound 'm'. The children had a go thinking of various words beginning with 'm' as well as writing it. This coming week our main sound is 'a'; around the apple and down the leaf.  
In Maths we will be continuing to recapping 2D shapes and learning some 3D shapes. 
In RE we are recapping the creation story and focussing on Adam. How was he? What important role did he play?  
Supporting your children at home:
Talking to your child about school - Where do they hang their coat/put their bag? What do they do when they come in? (Registering their name) Where do they go to the toilet? What do they do if they are hurt? (Go to a teacher) Having these discussions will support your child to feel more settled in their school routines and have more understanding of what they do.
Please continue to remind you children to speak with me if they hurt themselves. We seem to be having a few bumps with the wet/slippery weather and children are not always coming to explain what happened. We are here to help!
Nursery Rhymes - getting your child involved in singing with you. Can they remember how some of the rhymes go? Can they hear some of the rhyming words? 
Resilience: Role modelling that we don't always do everything perfectly - we need to practice. Having these discussions and supporting them with what they need help with whether that is getting themselves dressed, writing their name etc.. 
Key Questions: 
What is the nursery rhyme about? 
Reading books are given out every Thursday. This is for you to read at home and bring back each week to receive another (Please keep the books in their bookbags on the Thursday). 
Please label all clothes as we seem to have a few items being left behind that children do not recognise! Having spare clothes in your child's bag is also helpful in case of an accident. 
Please come and speak with me if you have any concerns about your child.