Holy Trinity CofE Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


At Holy Trinity, we work to emphasise the importance of books and literature in enabling children to become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers and writers, with all the benefits this brings.  
The Power of Reading is our whole school scheme of work and this is underpinned and based on the research and experience of the 'Centre for Literacy in Primary Education'.  This involves class teachers choosing good quality texts and using these to lead their topics.  
Guided reading takes place daily from Year 1 to Year 6.  The  following structure is used:  The children complete a prior knowledge task; they then read a text provided at their level; next they are part of a small guided group with the teacher; finally, they complete a follow-up task.
From Years 2-6, the children follow a reading scheme called 'Accelerated Reader'.  They are assessed by their class teachers and are provided with a code relating to books at their comprehension level.  When they have completed a book, they complete a quiz to see how well they could deduce, infer and interpret the book. 
We have a wonderful school library, filled with a variety of genres and styles of writing.  The children visit the library at least once a week.  The children are encouraged to take out 2 books, one Accelerated Reader book and one 'Free reader'.  We ask them to alternate between reading 'AR' books and 'Free readers'.  Please encourage your children to read regularly at home and to read a variety of genres.   We expect reading records to be completed every week. 
As you know, reading with your children is such an effective way of developing a love for reading and a love for learning!