Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


 Welcome back we hope you all had a restful Easter break!
This week the children have shared their scrap books with the class and discussed the different activities they have done in the Easter holidays! Please dont forget to bring in your scrap books! We introduced our new topic 'crazy creatures or minibeasts!' and the children have been brainstorming and creating mind maps of all the different minibeasts they know.  They have also begun to paint and create their favourite mini beasts.  In maths we have recapped on numbers to 20 and beyond and played different games adding more than or less than.  
Next week we will be continuing with our minibeasts theme but will be focussing on ladybirds! We will be reading the story of the 'bad tempered ladybird' and will be thinking about the different things that make us angry and how we can manage these feelings. We will be revisiting time and the children will be making clocks and will be learning about how to tell the time, o'clock and half past the hour. We will also beginning to think about doubling and halving numbers using spots on ladybirds.  In RE we will be learning all about 'Jesus the rescuer' and reading the story of Jesus healing the blind beggar man.
We hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Please dont forget to bring in your scrap books to share with the class. 
Please continue to practise recognising and ordering your numbers to 20. Please can you talk to your children about the different times in their day, when they get up, have lunch and go to bed etc.
Continue to practise your tricky words, reading and remembering how to write these. 
Please continue to recap on all of the sounds we have learnt this term especially the digraphs. 
If you have any books or topic related things about minibeasts in particular ladybirds please bring these in to share.
Please continue to practise your tricky words, reading and remembering how to write these. 


If you have any junk modelling that we can use to make minibeasts please bring these to school.

Please can you remember to bring in your PE bag with plimsoles, as we will be having PE outside until the end of term.

Remember to keep you reading book and reading record within your child's book bag at all times.