Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


This Week: 
This week we have learnt all about our bodies and labelled different body parts. They have loved taking part in the role play areas this week our shoe shop and our doctors surgery. We have also been learning about measuring using non-standard measures and standard measures e.g unifix cubes.  The children have measured various things in the class and have measured how long their feet are.  In the outside area they have used chalks to draw around their bodies then measuring their height. In literacy we have introduced the characters of Oxford Reading Tree family and are creating small puppets of these characters.  This will Allow the children to create their own Biff and Chip stories. 
Next week we will be learning about the changes that are happening around us and will be discussing all the signs of Autumn.  We will begin the week by going on a Autumn walk in South Park Gardens.  The children will collect various Autumn objects to explore. We will be using these in various activities and including these in our maths day which is on Friday 19th October. We will also be making apple crumble as a treat for the end of half term!
We will also be sending home the children's first reading books for you to share over the half term.   
We will be doing phonics and literacy assessments throughout the week. 
We will be continuing to monitor the PSED areas, encouraging the children to share take turn and listen to their peers. 
So far the phonics sounds we have learnt are: m, a, s, t, d, i, n, p, g,  
This week we will be focussing on o, c, k and will continue practise blending and segmenting using these sounds.
We have sent home their first set of tricky words so please start get your child familiar with these by recognition and also practise writing these. We have also included a alphabet mat so continue to encourage your child to practise writing these.
Please practise the sounds: m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g,  (recognising the sound, the name and the rhyme
Please can you discuss with your child the different signs of Autumn that are happening around us.
Please could you also bring in any cones, conkers and colourful leaves to share.


The reception team have been really impressed with how all the children have settled and becoming familiar with all the school routines. 


Please can you ensure that all jumpers, coats and water bottles are clearly labelled.


We will be going on an Autumn walk around South Park Gardens next Monday afternoon if you are able to help please can you contact your class rep.