Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


What Have We Achieved This Week?
What a great week! The children have been very enthused by their pedometers, which is part of our new Step it Up campaign to promote mental and physical wellbeing in school. Interestingly, there have been various tactics to up their step count and they enjoy totalling steps at the end of the week.

At the centre of our work this half term is our class story, The Ice Palace, by Robert Swindell. This week, the children completed their instruction writing task, in which they created a recipe to beat Starjik by melting his cruel heart. We have been very impressed by the children's creativity and imagination. Our grammar focus has been imperative verbs and adverbs of time and manner. 
In Topic, we continued to learn about Extreme Environments with this week's focus being the Arctic. The children enjoyed creating eye-catching information posters packed with fascinating facts presented in really creative ways.
In Maths, we have been learning to apply numbers facts knowledge and the bar model to solve word problems.  It has been exciting to see the children grasp the concept of bar modelling and how it can help them in arithmetic calculations and word problems.
English - Spelling Sheet
Please learn your 10 adverb/adverbials of time spellings. Use a dictionary if you are unsure of a word meaning.
Mrs Scott/Mrs Snelson groups: If you are in these groups, please learn the soft c spellings you have been given.
Please complete the real life word problems sheet and challenge yourself with the extra task if you have time. 
**Reading Record Reminder**
Please update your reading record with 3 entries. Remember to write down:
  • the date
  • name of the book
  • page numbers read 
  • comments - do you like the book? why/why not? What has happened in the story? 
Please can parents/carers sign the reading record before it is handed in on Wednesday.