Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


 What Have We Achieved This Week:

Prison break!


South African politics underwent significant changes in the 20th Century with the introduction of segregation under apartheid and the resulting struggles and resistance for the people who lived there.  We will be using the acclaimed novel, Journey to Jo’burg, to investigate what it was like to live in South Africa at this time.  Looking at this city in particular, we will study life in the city compared to the countryside. We will also look at the life of Nelson Mandela and how he influenced so many lives. 


In English, we have continued to read our class novel Journey to Jo'burg written by Beverley Naidoo. We have been putting ourselves in Naledi's shoes and thinking about how she might have felt, what she might have thought and how this has affected her actions. After planning our diary entries carefully last week, we used this information to write an extended diary entry throughout our lessons this week with a focus on editing.


In Maths, we have been exploring area.  We have been looking at rectilinear shapes and making comparisons.





English Homework

Please complete the worksheet on extending sentences using conjunctions.



Spelling Rule- Adding ‘ation’

Adding the suffix -ation, turns a verb into a noun.

  • If the root word doesn’t end in an ‘e’, no change is needed when –ation is added.

o   Inform + ation = information


  • If the root word ends in an ‘e’ (but not ‘ate’) drop the ‘e’ when –ation is added.

o   imagine + ation = imagination


  • If the root word ends in ‘ate’, drop the ‘ate’ when –ation is added.

o   locate + ation = location


Words of the week: remember, address, decide, experience

 Please make sure that you’re practising our spelling rule and words of the week at home each week.

Maths Homework

Please complete the following mathletics tasks:

  • Remainders by tables
  • Mental methods
  • Equal Areas















Please remember to keep practising your times tables daily. Here is a link to an online game that you might find useful to do so:





Please can you check if your child needs a replacement for any stationery, including handwriting pens and glue sticks.



PE days will be Monday and Friday for both classes this term. As the weather gets colder, please ensure your child is bringing in longer clothing for PE. Some children are participating in PE wearing shorts. 



Also, please make sure your child brings in a NAMED water bottle and coat everyday!


We are kindly asking for any donations of boxes of tissues.


Please see the attachment (below) for a competition that your child might like to enter.