Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


 What Have We Achieved This Week:

 It's Getting Hot in Here!

This half term we will be exploring the Rainforest. This will link in with our Science topic of ‘Helping the Habitats’ as well as explanation texts in English where we will be designing a leaflet to make people more aware of the impact that humans have on their environment, both positive and negative.


 In English, we have been exploring the poetry form of a Haiku. We have tried to challenge ourselves to think about the mood (as poets) we are trying to create. Finally, the planned and wrote our own Haikus about the season of Winter.


In Maths, we have continued with our multiplication and division topic. We have been learning our timestables - specifically the 6 and 9- as well as spotting patterns when investigating division facts.


Please complete the Reindeer Job Application form. Make sure that you're using your persuasive devices. 


 Spelling rule


The suffix –ous

Sometimes the root word is obvious and the usual rules apply for adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters.

Sometimes there is no obvious root word.

–our is changed to –or before –ous is added.

A final ‘e’ of the root word must be kept if the sound of ‘g’ is to be kept.

If there is an /i:/ sound before the –ous ending, it is usually spelt as i, but a few words have e. /dʒ/

poisonous, dangerous, mountainous, famous, various, tremendous, enormous, jealous, humorous, glamorous, vigorous, courageous, outrageous, serious, obvious, curious hideous, spontaneous, courteous 


Words of the week







Please complete the times table mosaic sheet in your book. 










Please can you check if your child needs a replacement for any stationery, including handwriting pens and glue sticks.



PE days will be Monday and Friday for both classes this term. As the weather gets colder, please ensure your child is bringing in longer clothing for PE. Some children are participating in PE wearing shorts. 



Also, please make sure your child brings in a NAMED water bottle and coat everyday!


We are kindly asking for any donations of boxes of tissues.


Please see the attachment (below) for a competition that your child might like to enter.