Holy Trinity CofE Primary School (Merton)

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

The Phase 2 Team

Mrs Kerryn Witting

Year 2 Squirrels Teacher

Mrs Sue Mares

Year 2 Squirrels Teaching Assistant

Miss Sonia Heale

Year 2 Badgers Teacher

Miss Nicola Joseph

Year 2 Badgers Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sophie MacDonald

Year 2 Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Sarah Hunt

Year 2B Learning Support Assistant

Miss Cassie Lyons

Year 2S Learning Support Assistant

Miss Leanne Newman

Year 3H Teacher

Mrs Lisa Raincock

Year 3H Teacher

Mrs Karolina Snelson

Year 3H Teaching Assistant

Mrs Denise Jenkins

Year 3H Learning Support Assistant

Miss Sally Guy

Year 3T Teacher

Mrs Carol Scott

Year 3T Teaching Assistant

Miss Sarah-Jane Augustine

Year 3T Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Beth Niemann

Year 4H Teacher

Miss Claire Dorey

Year 4T Teacher

Mrs Clare Brown

Year 4 Teaching Assistant