Holy Trinity CofE Primary School

Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

The Phase 2 Team

Miss Ellie Panners

Year 1 Moles Teacher

Mrs Clare Lyons

Year 1 Moles Teaching Assistant

Mr Chris Skillern

Year 1 Foxes Teacher

Mrs Claire Brown

Year 1 Foxes Teaching Assistant

Miss Claire Dorey

Year 2 Badgers Teacher

Mrs Ruth Mills

Year 2 Badgers Teaching Assistant

Mrs Beth Niemann

Year 2 Squirrels Teacher

Mrs Sue Mares

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kim Dawe

Year 2 Squirrels Teaching Assistant

Miss Tabitha Davies

Year 3T Teacher

Mrs Kerryn Witting

Year 3H Teacher

Mrs Nadia D'Agati

Year 3 Learning Support Assistant